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Pilafi Me Kreas

Aromatic Herbal Pilafi with meat. A one pan full meal dish

The simplest aromatic pilaf that only needs a side salad or a yoghurt to compliment.


Serves 8.

2 cups of rice of choice

2 tsp of Aroma Roast

0.5 kg of diced beef or lamb

1 small chopped onion

4 cups of broth or water

2 tsp olive oil


Heat oil in a pan Add the chopped onion and sautee until soft and brown

Add the meat and brown

Add the Herbs and rice

*Sautee the rice until they have colour from the oil/onion and meat

Add your broth or water and put a lid on until the rice has absorbed all the water.

Done! Serve with a salad or yoghurt.


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