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Fried Chicken


Marinating BBQ Meat or Veggies

There are 2 way to do this:

Use a little bowl and brush

Pour afew spoons of your olive oil in a little bowl and mix it with 2 tbsp (per 500 grams) of your Greek BBQ Herb mix or Greek BBQ - Hot. 

Use a brush and brush the mixture over your meat. 

Then cook on your BBQ to taste.  

Take your beautifully cut Beef, Lamb, Pork, Chicken, Skewers or Veggies and put them in a bowl or a deep dish.

Pour your olive over the meat/veggies; then sprinkle 2Tbsp (per 500 grams) o your Greek BBQ Herb Mix or Greek BBQ - Hot over and mix it all together.

Your ready for the BBQ!

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